🔒 Credentials

Display credentials for a resource. 🔒 Requires authentication.

The resource label needs to be provided for the component to be able to fetch the resource's credentials on demand.

<manifold-credentials resource-label="my-resource"></manifold-credentials>

Customizing the buttons

You can pass in your own button or link for the show and hide buttons of the component by passing in any element with slot="show-button" and slot="hide-button" as an attribute respectively. Read more about slots.

<manifold-credentials resource-label="my-resource">
  <MyButton slot="show-button">Show credentials</MyButton>
  <MyButton slot="hide-button">Hide credentials</MyButton>

No credentials

Occasionally a resource will be authorized without credentials exposed to the user. In those cases the component will display a message and an SSO button to the user. Both the message and the SSO button can be customized via slots.

<manifold-credentials resource-label="my-resource">
  <manifold-resource-sso slot="sso-button">SSO into Dashboard</manifold-resource-sso>
  <div slot="no-credentials">
    Access to this resource is authorized without credentials. 
    SSO into the resource dashboard to configure your service.