Plan Selector

Display the plans for a product.

<manifold-plan-selector product-label="jawsdb-mysql"></manifold-plan-selector>

You can find the :product label for each at


You can pass in your own button or link in the bottom-right of the component by passing in any element with slot="cta" as an attribute. Read more about slots.

<manifold-plan-selector product-label="jawsdb-mysql">
  <MyButton onClick={() => myAction()} slot="cta">
    Get JawsDB MySQL


This component emits custom events when it updates. To listen to those events, add an event listener either on the component itself, or document.

document.addEventListener('manifold-planSelector-change', ({ detail }) => {
// { planId: "2357v8j36f5h866c32ddwwjxvfe8j", planLabel: "nvidia-1080ti-100gb-ssd", planName: "NVIDIA 1080TI", productLabel: "zerosix", features: { … } } }

The following events are emitted:

Event Name Description Data
manifold-planSelector-change Fires whenever a user makes a change. planID, planLabel, planName, productLabel, features
manifold-planSelector-load Identical to -update above, but this fires once on DOM mount to set the initial state (i.e. user hasn’t interacted yet). planID, planLabel, planName, productLabel, features

Free plans only

<manifold-plan-selector free-plans></manifold-plan-selector>


Most of our products are regionless, but some plans let users specify the region. In this case, you may optionally want to order the regions with the regions attribute:


Regions will be ordered in the order specified. Any regions not mentioned will come at the end, alphabetically. Any regions not supported by the plan will simply be ignored (in this sense, you could even pass the same ordered list to all plans regardless, if you’d like them always to display in the same order).

Supported regions

Label Name
aws-ap-northeast-1 AWS - Asia Pacific Northeast 1 (Tokyo)
aws-ap-northeast-2 AWS - Asia Pacific Northeast 2 (Seoul)
aws-ap-south-1 AWS - Asia South 1 (Mumbai)
aws-ap-southeast-1 AWS - Asia Pacific Southeast 1 (Singapore)
aws-ap-southeast-2 AWS - Asia Pacific Southeast 2 (Sydney)
aws-ca-central-1 AWS - CA Central 1 (Canada Central)
aws-eu-central-1 AWS - EU Central 1 (Frankfurt)
aws-eu-west-1 AWS - EU West 1 (Ireland)
aws-eu-west-2 AWS - EU West 2 (London)
aws-sa-east-1 AWS - South America East 1 (Sao Paulo)
aws-us-east-1 AWS - US East 1 (N. Virginia)
aws-us-east-2 AWS - US East 2 (Ohio)
aws-us-west-1 AWS - US West 1 (N. California)
aws-us-west-2 AWS - US West 2 (Oregon)
do-ams2 DigitalOcean - Amsterdam 2
do-ams3 DigitalOcean - Amsterdam 3
do-blr1 DigitalOcean - Bangalore 1
do-fra1 DigitalOcean - Frankfurt 1
do-lon1 DigitalOcean - London 1
do-nyc1 DigitalOcean - New York 1
do-nyc2 DigitalOcean - New York 2
do-nyc3 DigitalOcean - New York 3
do-sfo1 DigitalOcean - San Francisco 1
do-sfo2 DigitalOcean - San Francisco 2
do-sgp1 DigitalOcean - Singapore 1
do-tor1 DigitalOcean - Toronto 1
gcp-eu-west-1 Google Cloud - Europe West 1
gcp-eu-west-2 Google Cloud - Europe West 2
gcp-eu-west-3 Google Cloud - Europe West 3
gcp-us-central-1 Google Cloud - US Central 1
gcp-us-east-1 Google Cloud - US East 1
gcp-us-east-4 Google Cloud - US East 4
gcp-us-west-1 Google Cloud - US West 1
gcp-us-west-2 Google Cloud - US West 2
rs-dallas-1 Rackspace - Dallas 1


Get JawsDB MySQL