resource-name has been deprecated in favor of resource-label starting in version 0.4.0.

πŸ”’ Resource List

Creates a list of resource cards that lists all the resources the user owns directly.


Link format

To navigate using a traditional <a> tag, specify a resource-link-format attribute, using :resource as a placeholder:


Note that this will disable the custom event unless preserve-event is passed as well.

Pausing updates

By default, this component will subscribe to updates from the server. To disable that, pass the paused attribute:

<manifold-data-resource-list paused></manifold-data-resource-list>

Loading state

By default, this component generates its own loading state with 4 placeholder cards, so loading is handled for you. But optionally, you can display a message below while loading by passing in a slot="loading" child (docs):

  <div slot="loading">Loading…</div>

No resources state

You can pass in your own "no resources" state for the componenent by passing in any element with slot="no-resources" as an attribute. Read more about slots.

  <div slot="no-resources">No resources here</div>