Manage Button

Unstyled button for updating an already-provisioned resource. 🔒 Requires authentication.


For loading, error and success messages, it will emit custom events.

document.addEventListener('manifold-manageButton-click', ({ detail: { resourceLabel } }) =>`⌛ Provisioning ${resourceLabel} …`)
  ({ detail: { resourceLabel } }) =>
    alert(`🚀 ${resourceName} resized successfully!`)
document.addEventListener('manifold-manageButton-error', ({ detail }) => console.log(detail));
// {message: "bad_request: bad_request: No plan_id provided", resourceLabel: "auauau"}
Name Returns Description
manifold-manageButton-click planId, resourceId, resourceLabel Fires immediately when button is clicked. May be used to trigger a loading state, until -success or -error is received.
manifold-manageButton-success message, planId, features, resourceId, resourceLabel Successful change with information on what was changed.
manifold-manageButton-error message, planId, features, resourceId, resourceLabel Erred change, along with information on what went wrong.


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