Resize Button

We use the term β€œresizing” to refer specifically to plan changes for an existing resource. Performing that with this UI component is a breeze. Just pass in the resource-label and plan-id desired:

<manifold-data-resize-button resource-label="my-resource" plan-id="new-plan-id">
  Change plan


For loading, error and success messages, it will emit custom events.

document.addEventListener('manifold-resizeButton-click', ({ detail: { resourceLabel } }) =>`βŒ› Changing plan for ${resourceLabel} …`)
document.addEventListener('manifold-resizeButton-success', ({ detail: { resourceLabel } }) =>
  alert(`πŸš€ ${resourceLabel} resized successfully!`)
document.addEventListener('manifold-resizeButton-error', ({ detail }) => console.log(detail));
// {
//   message: 'bad_request: No plan_id provided',
//   resourceLabel: 'my-resource'
//   resourceId: 'abc1234',
//   planId: undefined
// }
Name Returns Description
manifold-resizeButton-click planId, resourceId, resourceLabel, configuredFeatures Fires immediately when button is clicked. May be used to trigger a loading state, until -success or -error is received.
manifold-resizeButton-success message, planId, resourceId, resourceLabel Successful resize with confirmation on values returned from our backend.
manifold-resizeButton-error message, planId, resourceId, resourceLabel, configuredFeatures Erred resize, along with information on what went wrong.


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